Healthy air in focus

The Condair Cube is a unique, mobile air quality monitor that measures, analyzes and evaluates CO2, humidity and temperature.

A high-quality, handy measuring device that helps you always breathe healthy air and stay vital.

Keep an eye on air quality

The CO2 readings are an indicator of the quality of the indoor air.

Where there is a lot of CO2, there can also be high levels of aerosols and viruses. Then there is a greater risk of becoming infected with pathogens and viruses.

The relative humidity is optimal between 40 and 60% and the risk of infection is lowest.

The CO2 measurement value should be kept below 800ppm if possible. If the value rises above this, it should be ventilated.

Optimum CO2 content in the air

Optimum air humidity in r. F

Optimal temperature in °C


The Condair Cube has high connectivity. Measurement data can be saved and evaluated on an external micro SD card over a longer period of time.

Furthermore, the Condair Cube can be connected to a PC or an external screen and output the measurement data live. The data is updated every 30 seconds.

A thought out concept

  • Accurate measurements thanks to high-quality Sensirion sensors

  • Can be connected to a PC for larger live display on an external screen

  • Touchscreen and clear traffic light colors

  • Measured values visible over a 4-hour period (historic data may also be saved)

  • Small, robust and reliable

  • Rechargeable battery for 4-5 hours of operation

  • USB port for battery charging and data transfer

  • A Swiss innovation

Discover more existing options and tips, use your Condair Cube to the max!

- Display on large screen - Application

- SD-Card

- Extend battery life

- Longer USB charging cable


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