Optimal humidity for museums and galleries

Air humidification protects works of art and antiques in museums, galleries, libraries and collections from damage and ensures their value. Humidity fluctuations may cause irreparable damage to the exhibits. 

Protection against damage

Exhibits made of wood, paper, canvas or textiles are sensitive exhibit pieces that can absorb or give off moisture, depending on the humidity in the ambient air. Constant humidity balance can be very significant to preserve the value and to prevent loss. Humidity levels that are too low lead to material shrinkage and finally to irreversible cracks and breaks. A continuously regulated air humidification system will bring the material moisture into equilibrium with the room humidity, which will reliably prevent moisture evaporation.  

Electrostatics and dust

Constant optimum humidity reduces the build-up of electrostatic charges in museums and galleries. Air humidification significantly reduces particle deposits on exhibit pieces and display cases, since electrostatically charged surfaces attract more dust.

Comfortable climate for visitors

The added humidity of a direct room air humidification system produces a comfortably refreshing effect in the exhibit halls of museums and galleries. The climate is perceived by visitors as actually vitalising and inviting to stay longer and enjoy the works of art and exhibits. 

Benefits of air humidification in museums and galleries:

  • Preserving the value of works of art and antiques
  • Protection against cracking and breaking of exhibits
  • Preventing irreversible shrinkage
  • Less electrostatic charges
  • Lower dust attraction on exhibits and display cases
  • Pleasantly fresh climate in exhibit rooms
  • Higher feeling of comfort for visitors and employees
Luftbefeuchtung im Museum

"DRAABE air humidification is the optimum solution for our museum."

Sandra Wiedemann

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